Tuesday, August 28, 2012

En route to meeting Dubai style

Beats the bus hands down

Nature - Dubai style

I'm not gonna lie, the landscape is not getting anymore beautiful. They have succeeded to grow some straggly looking grass though which is more than I could do in this heat.

Gold to Go

I feel like gold purchased from a vending machine cannot be a solid financial investment. It just seems wrong.

Sh*t Dubai expats say

I can personally verify to saying at least 20 of these (if not more hmmmmm)

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Bought the latest issue of Company, a British magazine that's stocked here and the censor has been busy with his Sharpie. Strange what they choose to mark out vs. what they choose to keep! Ladies bottoms in Sloggie ad at back of magazine - hide. Lady's bottom in article about prostitution - okay.

Finding the pavement that leads to the beach....

...albeit with a brief dash across the highway! Why is Dubai so pedestrian unfriendly. I just want to visit the beach AND live to tell the tale - is this too much to ask? It seems unreasonable to hail a cab to somewhere I can get to in 10 minutes on foot.

Being Irish, I managed to spend 5 months here before searching out the beach. Yes, I was waiting for an overcast day to visit. My pasty Irish skin didn't want to bare all alongside the bodies of Dubai's beautiful people (and pervy men on their day off). The JBR beach isn't anything to write home about but I chilled with my book and watched people attempt to surf. Nice to be in nature again (well as long as you don't look behind you at the skyscrapers)

‘What My Friends Think I Do vs What I Actually Do’ - Dubai