Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My first sunrise of 2012

I arrived back in Dubai round 6am yesterday with mixed emotions - I didn't want to leave Ireland, I didn't want to leave Spain, I hate the concrete jungle nature of Dubai, I still have to foment the new friendships I've made and I had to go back to work, plus I missed (miss) the Boy....

Fortunately the sun started to rise and my apartment filled with light... Nothing gets me out of a funk like sunrises and sunsets.

2012 isn't what I expected (though to be fair I had no expectations) but I'm gonna make it work.


Taxis here drive me absolutely insane. Since I don´t drive, I depend on metro for work and metro friendly locations, but other than that I´m at the mercy of those taxi drivers that doesn't know where anything is.

Dubai is a weird, and often uncomfortable place, in that society is very divided. So, by virtue of complaining about the taxis, I am by default ragging on the immigrants that come here to work and make money and do so by learning English and getting a taxi licence. That's a whole other story that I'll look into someday and obviously not what I'm against but what would be nice if taxi drivers actually knew some of the geography of the city.

In a city that was created a mere 40 years ago and changes constantly, this is clearly a monumental task but what Dubai should do is invest some of their considerable resources in an GPS that has every building and location programmed into it. Dubai's practically a village anyway, they should think about it....